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Smile Whitening

Our teeth are protected by enamel that helps ward off the effects of chewing and exposure to elements like acid and sugars found in many drinks and foods. Over time, however, the enamel weakens, causing tooth discoloration and a dull appearance. Tooth whitening procedures can make your teeth brighter and whiter. It’s easy and you can control how white your teeth are!

Once you decide you would like to restore your teeth to their former brightness, we’ll take an impression of your teeth and create a custom tray for your bleach. Generally, our patients wear the trays between thirty minutes and an hour per day, from three days up to a week. After reaching the desired whiteness level, you are free to maintain the results at home. Our office would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding whitening your smile. Just contact us at your convenience, and we’ll be happy to help you decide on your personal customized solution!